Eileen Jahna’s Songs

These are worship songs that I’ve written to glorify the Lord.   If you would like to learn any of these songs, you can download the MP3 file by clicking on the MP3 link next to the song title.  Email me at eileenjahna@yahoo.com with any questions.

Below are chord sheets in pdf (adobe acrobat reader) format.

I Lay It Down (MP3)

Believe  (MP3)

I Lay It Down (with added instrument tracks compliments of PapaTim on Songramp.net) (MP3)

Even When It Rains (MP3)

Come Break My Heart (MP3)

Come Fill Me With Your Spirit (MP3)

Fragile State (MP3)

Get Back To You (MP3)

Grace Came to Earth (MP3)

He Is My Strength (MP3)

He Paid The Price (MP3)

Hold My Hand (Never Let Me Go) (MP3)

I Never Knew (MP3)

I'll Never Be Alone (MP3)

Nao Me Deixaras Sozinho (I'll Never Be Alone - portuguese translation) (MP3)

In Jesus Name (MP3)

Jesus, His Name (MP3)

Jesus He Loves You (MP3)

Living the Life of Job (MP3)

My Constant Savior (MP3)

One True Thing (MP3)

The Truth in Christ (Romans 8, 9 & 10) (MP3)

Touch My Heart Again (MP3)

Walk in the Spirit (MP3)

We Have A Shepherd (That Longs To Lead Us) (MP3)

What a Glorious Day (MP3)

What Would You Have Me Do (MP3)

Who Will Pray for You (MP3)

Why Don't They Care? (MP3)

Your Grace Is Sufficient For Me (MP3)

Your Will Be Done (MP3)